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We take care of running all your tech needs so you can take care of running your business.

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Contact us and we’ll recommend the right plan to get your office on Auto Pilot.

Box-ready or customised.

Easy Plans

Pick from a plan that fits your needs and budget.

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Whatever your organisation size, we have a plan and product to fit.

Scale up or down to suit.

IT  Simplified


Imagine your automated workplace humming along on auto pilot.

From employee entry, visitor check-in, to device procurement, set-up, delivery, servicing, warranty, all the way through to your system security and helpdesk.

Imagine dealing with one proactive provider for all your IT needs.

Imagine your work-life with one less worry.

Imagine IT Simplified.

1 Stop For All Your Digital Needs

Automate your modern workplace – from front door to desk

Device as a Service

We supply, service and manage devices of all types – Apple or Windows – at competitive prices.

Order easily through your Purchase Portal Account.

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Some of Australia’s biggest brands take advantage of our cost efficient, hybrid ON-shore/OFF-shore helpdesk model.

Scale up or down as needed.

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Software as a Service

Whether modifying off-the-shelf software or building a solution from scratch, we can create a custom product to suit your specific niche.

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Customised CRM Solutions

Engage and manage your client, account or membership interactions with our customised CRM solutions. Simple interfaces, AI and rich, actionable data.

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Consultancy Services

We consult on digital transformation, infrastructure management, IT hosting, datacentre consolidation, cloud computing integration, testing, quality assurance and more.

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Video Streaming

The technology of choice for world leading stadiums, arena, sports teams, boardrooms, live events and more. Experience better engagement and a proven return on investment.

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Support as a Service

Your efficient office ecosystem with continuous, full end-to-end support so staff focus on their work not the IT.

Your office tech will be working for you, effortlessly.

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Cyber Security

Protect your network from hackers and data breaches. Our Cyber Security as a Service is your total network vulnerability detection and management utility.

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Visitor Management

Our check-in kiosk is your front lobby virtual receptionist. Manage visitor arrivals. Get notified. Automate future visits. Collect data. Out of the box.

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Smart Data Solutions

We provide an holistic view of your disparate data silos. Get valuable insights and actionable outcomes through machine learning and advanced business intelligence.

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Digital Signage

Increase sales by dynamically displaying your products or services with our unbeatable World-class Digital Signage and Menu Boards. Intuitive CMS. No training needed.

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Our IPTV platform has been adopted across the globe within hotels, private accommodation, hospitals, student housing, mining camps, care homes, oil rigs and naval vessels.

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Our Plans

Our off-the-shelf plans have been carefully designed to meet any budget and need.

Choose from Support or Support + Hardware.


Support + Hardware

Your Trusted IT Partner

There’s a reason why we’re the longest and most trusted tech partner for many of our clients. As with relationships, communication is key.

The way we do business is no different.

Our client interactions are relationships we value and maintain at the highest standard.

We pride ourselves on our availability and transparency, helping to keep clients informed every step of the way.

Trusted by Government, NPOs, Institutions, Public and Private Enterprise

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