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About 1ICT

1ICT is one of Australia’s most trusted and fastest growing IT companies with double-digit growth, year on year.

We automate, modernise and digitally transform organisations of all sizes to help create efficiencies from the front door to the office desk.

Our rapid growth has been organic and fully-funded, with leads generated  mostly from existing client referrals. There are a couple of simple premises why we remain the longest running IT partner for many of our clients.

We’re very good at all things in Information and Communications Technology.

We’ve helped many workplaces transform digitally from outdated inefficient work practices to modern automated offices.

But more than that, we go the extra mile for all our client partners. We do what’s hard to make life easier for workplace managers and their team. 

When an organisation plugs into 1ICT, executives, managers and team members have less operational worries – so they can get on with running their business.

A Little History

1ICT started in 2013 with five foundation team members and today is run and owned by two of those original founders Anthony Gavin and Satish Naidu. 

As long-time tech professionals they recognised a need for customised IT solutions that larger tech companies could not meet or weren’t prepared to. 

Each 1ICT founder has a specialised background in IT and digital services. Together they established the foundations of one of Australia’s fastest growing IT providers.  

1ICT has since grown to a workforce of over 130 employees in Australia and India, servicing small, medium and large organisations ranging from government, to NPOs, publicly listed companies and private enterprises.

Why We’re Different

At its core, 1ICT is a strategic business solutions provider.

Our three core pillars are:

  1. Strategy Consulting
  2. Digital Transformation
  3. Managed Services

Partnering with public and private organisations of all sizes has given the 1ICT team insights into the varying and similar needs of CEOs, CTOs and CIOs throughout the country. 

While we started as an IT consulting and managed services provider, we’re now more than that. We’ve drawn on our combined experiences to develop simplified packages for organisations of all sizes. Choose from our off-the-shelf Bronze, Silver or Gold plans – either stand-alone services, or bundled with hardware.

If you’re looking to digitally enable your organisation, engage our digital transformation team to boost your IT resource pool – or partner with us to design, develop and integrate enterprise applications, CRMs or Smart data solutions. 

If your needs are more specialised, call us to advise on your custom product.  

Whatever your need, we have the solution. 

1ICT is your very own IT utility.

Our Future Vision

Office technology can be very complex and confusing. IT can be either your biggest headache or the best tool in your management toolbox.

But with so many IT providers, services and products on the market how does a CEO, Managing Director, GM or even the Operations Manager know which way to turn?

That’s what we’re here for. Consult with us for the best way forward for your office.

Our vision for the modern workplace is a seamless automated office from front door right through to daily office tasks.

We have developed, and are continuing to build, office-wide solutions to make the modern business work for managers and team members, not the other way around.    

Contact us to digitise, simplify and automate your work life.

Our Values

Trust. Partnership. Integrity

These are the values on which 1ICT was built. We treat all our provider-client relationships as true partnerships.

Successful partnerships are based on trust and integrity.


Trust is not just a buzzword to us.  It’s a value we live and breathe daily. Competing organisations know they can count on us to look after their needs as well as their direct competitor. This gets down to our trusted reputation in the IT world.


Business relationships work best when both parties create a true partnership. This partnership can yield tremendous dividends for all parties from upper management to the end customer. Our partnership with most of our clients has resulted in 1ICT being the longest provider of IT services for many of our client partners.


Integrity is an integral pillar of 1ICT ‘s ethos. We ‘re trusted with valuable insights into client’s businesses to help deliver successful outcomes. Our reputation for integrity has been the wind that has helped propel 1ICT through the corporate and public world, which along with trust has helped build real and lasting partnerships.

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