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Case Study

1ICT Early Learning Kiosk.

1ICT Early Learning Kiosk.

Problem Solved:

Creating a digital interface for parents with children in care in childcare centres. The purpose of the kiosk is to simplify and speed up the check in and check out process for parents and carers when dropping off and picking up their children at a childcare facility. From the same interface targeted individualised messaging and notification are delivered to the parents to enhance and personalise their engagement with the centre and the carers.


The 1ICT kiosk is designed exclusively for the Apple iPad as a native application for this device. The reason that this is an iPad only solution is due to the reliability of the devices and their ability to run for extended periods without failure. 1ICT trialled the solution on a number of alternative devices and the failure rate under the high use environment of the early learning centre was exponentially higher. The kiosk solution is a real-time broker between the physical kiosk and native application and the childcare management system. The software architecture consists of Angular 6.5, .Net core and SQL to deliver the broker and rule engine.

Solution Benefits:

The kiosk solution delivered a number of benefits to the centres including:

  • Improved drop off and pick up times
  • Improved parent and carer engagement with the centre staff
  • Accurate attendance records for government funding compliance
  • Government Quality compliance for centres
  • 100% delivery of corporate and informative messaging to parents
  • Improved business intelligence and data gathering

Quick Overview




How It Works

Visitor Signs In

Using the iPad and it’s customisable interface, visitors can choose who they’re visiting from a list of employees


A supplied label printer provides the visitor with a name badge with all their necessary details

Employee is Notified

Once the visitor has signed in, the employee they are visiting is notified, specifying their name and entry point

Why Have A Kiosk

Automates Manual Process

Eliminates Sign-In Registers

Modernises Customer Engagement

Use Cases

Visitor Sign-In

Student Sign-In

Patient Sign-In

Services Sign-In

Customer Data Capturing