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Cyber Security

Protect your network from hackers and data breaches.

Security as a Service

Almost daily we hear or read of governments, companies, organisations or software applications being hacked. These news reports are the tip of the iceberg – most data security breaches do not even make it to the news headlines.

Hacking today is easier than ever. Scripts plus instructions are available online. This raises business concerns in three areas:

1. Malicious Acts

Any disgruntled (ex)employee or customer can instantly search and download hacking software – complete with instructions – then create havoc, exposing every public or private company or organisation to risk from unforeseen attacks.

2. Employee Negligence

An employee browsing ‘infected’ websites and breaching the network security. Certain scripts get executed/downloaded to the local computer and used later by the hacker as a backdoor into the network.

3. Lack of Awareness

An employee could download a compromised game to their phone, then connect the phone to a USB port on an office computer to charge the battery, without realising they are compromising the corporate network.

1ICT’s Security as a Service is a complete vulnerability detection and management solution.

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