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Device Purchases

We supply and service devices of all types – Apple or Windows – at competitive fleet prices.

Order Through Our B2B Online Portal

Our B2B devices purchase portal makes it easy for you to procure all your office digital hardware needs and services.

We’ve specialised our online store for workplaces.

You get competitive fleet prices on any Apple or Windows device – desktop, laptop, tablet and phone.

We can also:

  • arrange delivery direct to your door or desk
  • image your devices prior to delivery so that you get the required software installed from the first moment you turn on your machine
  • configure your device to your local network
  • remotely manage your fleet
  • take care of all warranty and servicing issues
  • hotswap devices if needed so there’s no downtime
  • repair devices
  • replace devices

You’ll quickly get addicted to our trouble-free, value driven, device purchase and servicing model and wonder how you ever got by without it.


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