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Visitor Management Kiosk

Digitally manage your deliveries and visitors.

Your Virtual Receptionist

Upgrade your front lobby appearance, efficiency and security with a smart, virtual receptionist.

Our cloud-based iPad kiosk digitally modernises the old paper sign-in process, streamlining the way your workplace manages visitors.

Once visitors are signed in, the appropriate staff member or executive is notified. A name-badge sticker is then automatically printed for the visitor to wear, with information stored to automate your visitors’ next visit.

Whether you want to free up and improve your receptionist’s productivity, remove that awkward uncertainty when a visitor arrives to an unattended front desk or you use the kiosk as a standalone budget solution for your office front lobby, the virtual receptionist kiosk is a simple, inexpensive modern way to manage your workplace visitors.

Quick Overview




How It Works

Visitor Signs In

Using the iPad and it’s customisable interface, visitors can choose who they’re visiting from a list of employees

Receives Identification

A supplied label printer provides the visitor with a name badge with all their necessary details

Employee is Notified

Once the visitor has signed in, the employee they are visiting is notified, specifying their name and entry point

Why Have A Kiosk?

Automates Manual Process

Eliminates Sign-In Registers

Modernises Customer Engagement

Use Cases

Visitor Sign-In

Student Sign-In

Patient Sign-In

Services Sign-In

Customer Data Capturing

Case Study

Patient books appointment

“Please enter your phone number to confirm.”

Patient arrives for appointment

“Appointment confirmed. You will be seen shortly.”

Patient checks out and pays

“Please enter your phone number to finalise.”

Patient receives a printed receipt

“Please take your script. Have a great day.”

iPad Kiosk bundle

$906.85   Ex. GST

Bundle Includes

• iPad 32GB Wi-Fi only
• Kiosk Stand
• 3m Cable
• Site specific configuration
• Freight
• Self Install instructions

Data/software management subscription not included – please enquire.
(Note: Our field services technician can set up your virtual receptionist – Australia wide.
Enquire for a complete supply and installation price.)


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