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Our Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality, Facial Recognition and Intelligent Data research workshop.


1ICT Labs  is a new, innovative, Intellectual Property (IP) products division developed by 1ICT around three pillars:

  1. Image Recognition Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  2. Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR)
  3. Intelligent Data Systems (IDS)

These offerings have very broad, practical, commercial and social applications across a range of industries.

1. Image Recognition AI – A Eye and Kiosk System

1ICT is leading the way in Image Recognition Artificial Intelligence (AI) Consultancy services and solutions, utilising Microsoft Azure and AWS Image Recognition platforms.

Solutions currently in development and/or in use include:

Safety and security

(a) A facial recognition automated concierge service integrated into building security systems, providing secure access to authorised personnel entering and moving within buildings and zones.

(b) Monitoring students in educational and care facilities to identify specific issues with children or adults in care. For example, if a child is isolated or in a dangerous location, a breach alert is sent to the carers in the facility.

Monitoring pedestrian and vehicle traffic

Logistics and transport

(a) A container and parcel tracking solution for freight companies to monitor items using image recognition and location services.

(b) Vehicle identification through number plate identification.

Marketing and promotion:

(a) Monitoring of participant engagement through sentiment analysis.

(b) Smart signage and messaging that uses facial recognition to customise messaging to identified viewers.

Agriculture and resources

(a) Water level monitoring for dams and rivers in rural areas.

(b) Monitoring of stock and crops for farmers.

These solutions provide both financial and operational benefits to customers, such as:

  • Automation of manual processes – robotics
  • Reducing and eliminating paper-based processes
  • Enhancing and improving security
  • Eliminating loss, and item and people tractability
  • Early detection of risks and incidents
2. VR and AR Consultancy and Solutions

1ICT is developing VR and AR solutions for a range of industries using unity code as the core technology.

e-cases are now being adopted in:

  • Training and education
  • Medical treatments
  • Design and planning
  • Marketing and promotion
  • Entertainment
3. Intelligent Data Systems (IDS)

Knowing and understanding data is key to all successful businesses.

1ICT Labs are developing innovative solutions to enable and inform our customers through their data, harnessing the latest technology stacks across all aspects of an intelligent data system including:

  • Industry best Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and data extraction technologies to produce actionable outcomes from unstructured data sets.
  • Advanced Extract Transform Load (ETL) solutions
  • Rapid data lake and data mart deployments.
  • Disparate data set blending
  • Advanced visualisation, dashboard and reporting outcomes.
  • Insight based outcomes and digital actions

ICT Labs data solutions include:

  • IDS – Intelligent Data System for regulatory compliance. Currently being used by the ANZ bank to validate the processes and compliance of advisors in the wealth management field.
  • AWS and Azure data lakes.
  • Power BI, Yellowfin and Kabana visualisations and reporting interfaces.
  • Elastic driven solutions.

Contact us for your AI, VR, AR or IDS solution. We can customise or build bespoke software for your unique needs.


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