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Mobile Device Management (MDM)

Simplify your device management

As the use of technology in the organisation continues to rise, organisation need to be savvy about managing the many mobile devices on their network.

1ICT offers a secure Mobile Device Management that managed way to take control of your mobile fleet, while empowering your staff to work in the way they want to.

Whether you need to implement security policies to help protect organisation data, protect your employee devices against cyber-attacks or deploy approved apps straight to devices, 1ICT can make managing your organisation devices easy.

Key Features of MDM solutions

  1. Easily onboard new devices
    New devices will be automatically added to the MDM system.
  2. Create groups and segments
    Arrange devices, users and admins into convenient groups.
  1. Buy and assign apps straight from the MDM
    You can buy apps within the MDM and then allocate them to specific devices and users. Different MDM software links to different app stores.
  2. Control all your devices from the cloud
    The beauty of the cloud is you can access it from any device, no server required. All of the MDM software that we recommend to organisation is fully cloud-based.
  1. Reduce device theft
    If a device is reported as lost or missing, you can program it to automatically shut down, lock or wipe all data when it comes online, rendering it useless to the thief. This will significantly discourage people from stealing devices.

Setting up your MDM

Like any new software, learning to use an MDM will take some time. We can help speed up the process by taking care of the installation and setup and providing your staff with technical training and support.

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Mobile Device Management can help your organisation.