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Our Services

Digitally transform your office into a modern automated workplace.

Consultancy Services

1ICT has helped to digitally transform organisations of all sizes throughout Australia.

If you’re not sure where to start, we’ll consult with you on the right framework for your office.

We provide Business Analysis, Infrastructure Management, corporate IT hosting, datacentre consolidation, cloud computing integration and deployment, testing and quality assurance services, Business Process Improvement, SEO and security audits.

Support as a Service

Your efficient office ecosystem with continuous, full end-to-end support, so your staff focus on their work not the IT.

Help Desk

Some of Australia’s biggest brands take advantage of our cost efficient, hybrid ON-shore/OFF-shore helpdesk model.

Scale up or down as needed.

Software Development

Whether modifying off-the-shelf software or building a solution from scratch, we can create a custom product to suit your specific niche.

Smart Data Solutions

Unlock the insights within your oganisation’s data. We’ll consult and integrate advanced  analytics and machine learning to action the outcomes in your data.

Customised CRM Solutions

Know and read your customers. Our team can build a custom CRM solution – your source of truth for your entire organisation.


Put Your Office On Auto Pilot

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