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Smart Data

Valuable insights and actionable outcomes through machine learning.

Advanced Business Intelligence

Data is often termed, ‘the new oil’ – the most valuable asset of an organisation.

There are two types of data – Big Data and Smart Data. Each work hand-in-hand to deliver desired business outcomes.

Big Data is all the information your organisation gathers that comes in at high volume, speed and variety. This important information is meaningless if not organised and actionable.

Smart Data is Big Data which is organised, cleansed and filtered for decision-making. The term ‘Smart Data’ relates to an entry point being ‘smart’ enough to make immediate decisions on incoming digital information. Smart Data analytics streams and monitors live data at the source, captures events, assesses them, makes decisions within seconds or fractions of a second.

In the modern workplace, Smart Data is critical for understanding customer journeys and behaviour, logistics, industry movements, competitive analysis and overall business functions.

As part of our Smart Data services, 1ICT can:

  • Analyse your business objectives to recommend and create your smart data solution
  • Use the latest machine-learning technology to train your data to behave like humans, make auto-decision, saving time, money and resources – and stay ahead in your sector.
  • Supply data scientists, business analysts and IT Managers to work with you to improve your data collection analysis and decision making process
  • Train your staff to understand smart data for better business outcomes
  • Be with you on your journey as your IT partner to continue updating your business with the latest data technology including machine learning developments.

Using Smart Data for Advanced Business Intelligence will help you to drive your smarter business decisions.

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